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What Localized Digital Marketing can do for you in 2022

What Localized Digital Marketing can do for you in 2022

UPDATED: The pandemic or post-pandemic and all not withstanding. You can still use localized digital marketing to gain traction and more business

Localized Internet marketing also known as localized digital marketing and even as “location-based marketing” is the process of optimizing your website and online advertising to help drive foot traffic and awareness in localized regions. This type of marketing specifically targets potential customers in a physical store’s community. Localized digital marketing can be good for your business for the following reasons.

  1. Engagement: Allows people to amuse, entertain and inform themselves. Mobile engages people. If you want to interact with your customers on a very personal level then you’ll need to do this via mobile. A lot of people attach importance to their mobile device. Infact if you happen to use someone’s device without his/her permission you might be accused of infringing on their privacy. A lot of engagement can go through mobile or social websites, and they include, gaming, quizzes, feedback, etc. use mobile now to engage your customers.
  2. Immediacy: Both for the end user and the business owner mobile allows for immediacy. Other dictionary words for immediacy are Urgent, Fast, Speed, nearness, closeness, etc. Mobile allows for last minute decisions, e.g. booking for a hotel, when you’ve arrived at your destination and are in the airport. The client doesn’t need to start looking for a café or a WIFI hotspot where he/she can plug his laptop before booking for the hotel. It can be done fast and on a mobile phone. I may be caught in a traffic jam on my way back from work, somewhere in Lagos Island and order for Pizza right there and have it waiting for me when I arrive home, at Ikeja, 45mins later. All thanks to mobile media.
  3. Locality: The internet is fast becoming mobile and not only mobile but local. That’s why people only want to get discount from shops that are quite close. No need to sign up for a 25% discount coupon somewhere in Lekki, when you are in surulere and you’ll have to spend twice the amount of the discount just to get to Lekki where you’ll purchase the product. Likewise relationship/dating, gaming, local search, etc. All these do better with localized audiences. In the US, local search results, in calls and 59% of these searches result in a visit to the store. Why not try out local digital marketing now.
  4. Instant Gratification: Users Get to do whatever they set out to do, faster and with much more satisfaction, e.g. A user can use the LIM/Mobile marketing service we provide for you to compare prices in the shop with their phones and they just pull up your competitors website and check prices and quantity. And if yours is better they pull out their wallet or purse and if your competitor’s is better, well, you know what happens.

As the world becomes more globalized, one thing remains constant: local presence matters. Taking the time to invest thought into localized Internet marketing ideas and the effect that local digital marketing will have on your business success can be critical. While your e-commerce site may attract non-local users, your physical store is probably most visited by those who live near it, which means that the people in your community are also an important source of revenue and profits. If you want to better connect with your customers, increase your leads and conversions, and establish yourself as a trusted member of the community, then you need to start marketing yourself locally through the Internet today. Let us help you.

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