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The most important pageS to have on your website

The most important pageS to have on your website

Websites have become a part of many business’s successes. If you are operating a 21st century business then you need a website. Impressive or rather money making websites are those designed with dynamic appearances. These doesn’t simply mean portraying graphical beauty only. The thoroughness with a complete package is mandatory.
What matters the most on a website is that its contents and information are presented with ease for the visitors to obtain the desired information they are seeking without facing any type of hassles. So before you start designing and making the copy for your website, you want to know what you should have on your website. If you’re just getting started, you should start with the basics.

The home page of your website is the first page which your visitors see first. While creating content for your Home page, make sure your contents are creatively written and they showcase scannable and readable quality. As such contents must capture the attention of your visitors within seconds, make sure that they are written professionally by the experts.

    Apart from your existing customers, your potential customers too would like to know a bit more about the people behind the Company. Being one of the essential pages for a website, it is equally considered as one of the most visited pages on any website. Thus your focus should be on the meticulous presentation of this page as well.

You should showcase your products on this page. Apart from elaborating on all the features of your products, you need to mention the average pricing structure as well. If you have multiple products and have extensive information on each of them, then you must consider dividing them into categories and subcategories by adding a link to their product pages. You can also showcase your services if rather that’s the way you earn income for your business. This page should also be linked to your checkout pages. Ensure your checkout page is connected with your payment processors and works just fine. Test adequately before launching your site live.

Privacy Policy page is also one of the most important pages on a website. It assures your visitors that what you will do with the personal information they give you. With this page, you should guarantee that their personal information will not be shared with the 3rd parties. Your Company must strictly adhere to your Privacy Policy to gain more customer trust.

Sitemaps come in two formats that include XML sitemaps and HTML sitemaps. The XML sitemaps are made for the search engine bots with their specific role that are there to assist the search engines to find out your content. It is good to have pages on your website from an SEO point of view. On the other hand, HTML sitemaps are made for your “human” visitors who visit your website.

These are some of the most important pages to have on your site. When next you meet a website designer or developer, discuss these with him/them to know their ideas about these pages and ensure you get the best quality of service.

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