FRANCIS “The Boss” Okaformbah, Francis is a successful author, of several books including, How to Sell on the Internet, and self-made digital marketing expert. He is the current CEO and head of the marketing Department and founder of Siscomedia Ltd. He organises an dgives regular trainings on digital marketing at Seminars and workshops regularly and has so far trained several successful enterpreneurs in his over a decade sojourn as an internet/digital marketing expert. He writes for National dailies and Magazines and has appeared n several TV interviews. His will be primarily be focusing on clients projects and how they can get results and scale those results as well as leading the company to ensure all processes and our Vision, mission and core values are on the striaght path.

CHARLES “BeastMode” Okaformbah

DAVID “The Champ” Fadairo is a Junio Web Developer/programmer. He is the current video Game/PS3 Football Champion of our annual GameNight. A graduate of the prestigious University of Lagos, Akoka. David is dedicated programmer and always determined to. Takes note of minute deals and has a knack for design/development ideas no one in the team every thinks of or overlooks. David is currently serving his fatherland in the NYSC programme and would be working remotely from his Primary Place of Assignment.

UGOCHUKWU “Skamz” Azonobi

Azonobi Sebastine Ugochukwu is a junior Marketer/Sales Reprenstative. Ugochukwu is a devout chrisian, who believes in humanity & always tries to be the best version of him always.

Ugochukwu has vast experience in Digital Marketing, Writing and Salesmanship. Has great communication skills and rapport with clients and prospects, which he is focused on fine-tuning daily.

Ugochukwu is a trained Physiologist from Madonna University, Elele Campus, Rivers State.

He is cool, calm & articulate and a lover of books, video games and movies.


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