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Search Engine Optimization can Help your business today

Search Engine Optimization can Help your business today

“For over 9 months my site was up, I never made any money. Not until I re-arranged the site and paid Siscomedia Ltd for SEO service did my site pick up. I got the #2 position on Google and was able to make over $1000 dollars in a month.” – Ehis Efeekay, owner

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that is the difference between online marketing; particularly SEO*, that works and online marketing, ie. SEO, that doesn’t.

*SEO means Search Engine Optimization and is a free means of getting people to visit your site through Google and other search engines.

Here are two things you already know:

No matter what you are selling online – physical products,digital products, memberships, consulting services – you have two primary goals:

Get as much traffic as possible – and – Turn as many of those visitors into customers

That’s not rocket science, isn’t it?

But if you have ever tried to do online marketing yourself for your business, particularly trying to get free traffic from the search engines like Google or Yahoo for your own business, I’ll almost guarantee you hit a brick wall – almost everyone does their first time.

I can tell you this because I have met a lot of people and they think that targetting just a keyword -may be in their domain name or their header or Title tag -will help them get the flood of traffic they are looking for. They don’t know that there are other factors like authority sites rank, back linking and articles writing activities that they have to carry out. Not to talk of even the social media sharing or backlinking work they will have to do to succeed.

If you want to get over 100 free customers from the search engines, especially Google and from other online platforms like Facebook or Twitter then you have to invest at least 3 straight hours of your time daily doing all the linking, article writing and other SEO work that is required.

Here’s your good news…

We have put together a powerful new system, tools and a dedicated team to help all our clients get listed on the search engines and even the social networks and get free unlimited number of visits to their web pages. For just N49,000 per quarter limited time only. Now that’s a good deal. it just less than N17,000 each month for over 100 plus customers we’ll send your way.

We help people just like you to succeeding in business. We’ll handle the online marketing for you, while you handle the business side of business, ie. running operations, order fulfilments, etc. You’ll get new customers and be able to take those profits and scale up over a short time.

For a limited time only, we can help you dominate Google with your sites, own Yahoo, leverage Bing, Conquer facebook and take over Twitter.
Get our Standard SEO service for just N49,000 only for 3 months. Click here to contact us for this service now.

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