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We have been in business for over 14 years and have so far amassed a collection of experiences, projects and satisfied clients. Here are the portfolio sections we have.

1.Nairabet TV Gameshow Application

Nairabet Sports Challenge Gameshow Software Application- A TV gameshow programme (airing soon) and sponsored and commissioned by the The popular sports betting bookmaker, Nairabet. The application allows contestants, moderators (and even audience at times) to choose, view, modify and answer Sports questions in a fun, friendly and addictive fashion and win points and prizes.

2. Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos (Center for Media Development)

Development of an administrative Digital Database framework for the registration of all Catholics in Lagos Archdiocese through the combination and use of their phones, phone number and sms. www.catholicarchdioceseoflagos.org

3. Lonadek Nigeria ltd

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System: Deployment of a customer relationship Enterprise Retail Product (ERP) for Lonadek Nigeria Limited – a local oil and gas training and consultancy firm- for adequate and effective management of leads and prospects to improve business development.

1. Autofil


2. EasyPay

Client wanted a cross platform Mobile App that will help users recharge and transfer money via USSD for any bank without hassling over what USSD codes to use or where. Available on Android, Apple and Windows.

Download from the easypay website www.easypaymobileapp.com


3. Auction45

Auction45.ng is an auction, classified and rents listing website that allows users to post items up and have visitors visit, pay and do other transactions on the site for free or a token fee. Platform has a site and a complimentary apple ios and Android mobile app to go with. See here to click and download.

To find out more about our Mobile App Development services. Go here

We have over the years deployed a number of key mobile marketing solutions for businesses and organisations. here are a few of these scenarios.

1. Free Internet marketing Seminar in church (mobile lead generation)

Organisers of this seminar needed a way to get people interested and ensure they attend the seminar. By deploying an sms lead generation/phone number capture system, Organisers were able to get contact details of those interested in the programme, assign seat/ticket numbers automatically and know the number of people they would cater for. They were also able to follow up on attendees till the date of the seminar with automated and manual sms blasts to all participants periodically.


2. Caress manufacturing UK (2 factor authentication system)

Caress manufacturing in United Kingdom needed a 2way product authentication system for their local distributor here in Nigeria. They used mobilemarketingportal.com longcode services to set up a 2way sms authentication service. The authentication codes were successfully created by them and distributed via their products. users simply texted codes to Mobilemarketingportal’s longcode number to ascertain the genuineness or fakeness of any caress product, at point of purcahse or after buying.


3. CYON/BRC, Coker ( Bulk sms)

These two religious organisations where able to use sms to periodically communicate and past important and urgent info to their members regarding meetings, meeting times, venue and all other sundry notices and reminders that allowed their organisation to run cohesively.


4. Morning Star Ceramics Ltd (mobile communication)

Morning star Ceramics lead importer and sole distributor of goodwill and PNT tiles in Nigeria needed an easy to use bulk sms communication platform that can be accessed from their site. A seamless application was created and linked to their site. Now MSC can send sms as well as emails from just one site to their clients and customers.


5. Hotel (Wifi marketing)

Successfully created and deployed free-wifi facilities for restaurant and bar of a hotel. Allowing customers to come in and browse for a while with specific alotted bytes of data while they were being served.


6. Keyverticals (web to internet communication)

Keyverticals.com needed a simple system that will allow users of their sites get instant sms notices whenever they perform certain actions on their site like filling of forms or purchases of third party licences. integration through a user friendly API was seemless and sms delivery and reliable was up to 95% during the time of the project.)


7. Political campaign

Voice sms broadcast was used for [undisclosed] party political campaign to create awareness about their ideologies with a call for membership. This campaign was able to drive up the awareness of the existence of the party and their membership base to 2/3 of what it was before within a few short months.

1. Freaksonar

We deployed a specialized digital marketing strategy called Search engine optimization to help client to be found online. client was not showing on the search engines for the main keywords likely to be used by his customers. upon deployment of our SEO (SEO) strategy client was able to be ranked number 2 for his keywords and was able to make over $1000 in less than a month.


2. Sonna Riches

Was able to create certain information products around the money making on the internet niches, create convincing salescopies and product paymnt/delivery system. Sales went up the roof as this digital mrketing campaign was targeted at opportunity seekers.

1. Sarabel Nig. Ltd.

A top security and logistics firm that needs a web application to enable clients send and manage their projects through file sharing and monitoring of work progress. www.sarabel.com.ng

2. Intrassservices

This medium scale company needed a perfect website to compliment their email communications and domain. Siscomedia ltd was able to develop an outstanding website and offer other complimentary services. Being one of our best clients for over 4years.visit www.Intrassservices.com

3. Chioma Ajunwa Foundation.

Successfully created and hosted for years Nigeria’s and Africa’s First and only Olympic medalist, Chioma Ajunwa’s sports foundation. The foundation needed an online presence to help them actualize their campaign to sensitize and discourage the Youth about the use of drugs in sports.. And we were able to help them provide the platform www.chiomaajunwafoundation.org

4. Priority communications ltd

priority communications limited is a top provider of communication and business solutions to several organisations and businesses. For the past 7 years, we have maintained and hosted the website and emails of priority communications limited. They were also awarded a long standing customer award and appreciation from us in 2019. See https://prioritycomms.net:

Joel Okojie Priestly Ministry

Joel Okojie is a Catholic Priest under the Augustinian Order (Order of St. Augustine) and created a personal blog to promulgate the gospel and enhance his ministerial calling. Over the last fiver years we have helped maintain, design and redesign the website. See Joelokojie.org

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i. JandB wires and Cable – jbwireandcable.com

ii. Norlandproduct.com

iii. Chioma Ajunwa – Chiomaajunwafoundation.org

iv. Priority Communications Limited, Technology Company of the year award winner, 2015. Prioritycomms.net

v. Intrass Services Limited – Intrasservices.com

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