Our 14th Year Anniversary; The Journey so far + Discounts - Siscomedia Ltd

Our 14th Year Anniversary; The Journey so far + Discounts

Our 14th Year Anniversary; The Journey so far + Discounts

Hey! Just like yesterday we started this journey and we are here today. It all started in 2007 when an uncle of our let us a space in his office. A small cubicle like office we shared with one of his settled apprentice.

Those days were long hard days. I remember using the dial up internet at that time. I think it was zoom mobile then. Costs us as high as N15,0000 monthly. But the money was coming we made our first million, 2years later.

One of Our old office spaces when we moved in newly in 2014.

Then we were offering information products, domain and webhosting services and website design services started out then we made our prices quite cheap. So the number of clients we got were quite huge. compared to now. we have lesser number of clients than when we started because prices for some of our products and services now hover between average and premium.

From making our first million in 2009 and serving over 200 customers in a year we went on to form or invest in other businesses. talk about inexperience and having too much money under your control. In retrospects. We think we grew too fast and branched out too quickly. We branched into bulksms, app development and office automation softwares. We should have focuses solely on those information product and webdesign areas and would probably be bigger than now.

The company Siscomedia Limited started with just I (Francis) and my brother, Charles and we grew to hiring several staffs and freelancers. We currently manage some of the best and biggest brands in Business and Sports niches. businesses like JandBwires and cable, Priority Communications Ltd, Chioma Ajunwa Foundation and more rely on us for managing, maintaining and creating online campaigns for their brands and we are appreciative of their businesses.

Going forward we’ll implement a name change , probably increase the share capital of the company and get more directors in and of course expand our ever increasing staff and freelancers and venture into other areas like the fintech or Agritech niche soonest.

And oh! For staying and reading up to this stage. We have a reward for you. Yes you! You can get super discounts and enjoy fantastic experiences on select products and services of ours. simply click here to find the offers.

Celebrate with us!

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