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Mobile App development Training

Mobile App development Training

Mobile App development is the process by which a software application that runs on mobile phones is created, tested and deployed, especially for mobile devices and other handheld applications. These mobile apps created can be pre-installed on phones during manufacture or delivered rather downloaded as Web Applications using server-side or client-side processing to provide application-like experience within a web-browser. (Source wikipedia)

According to, here is a list of common steps one must consider when developing a mobile app.

a. Identify the problem your app should resolve

b. Check on platforms and devices to support

c. Emphasize on UX/UI of the app

d. Brainstorm (preferably with a team) on the best approach to develop with and whether it would be a native, web or hybrid app

e. Turn your idea into real with a prototype

f. Incorporate appropriate analysis

g. Get a list of volunteers and Beta test your app for effective goals

h. Ensure the security and integrity of your app is intact while deploying

i. Capture metrics to know user behaviour

j. Regularly update your app with new features.

Below is a list of Applications that can assist you in creating your own mobile Apps :

i. Android Studio (arguably the best in the industry)
ii. Siberian CMS

iii. Swiftic – the swiss army knife of app creators

iv. Phonegap Cordova
v. Intel XDK

vi. Flutter wave

Training on how to use these in mobile app development and more tools and techniques will be made available to you if you join the Siscomedia Limited Mobile App development Training, in our office in Surulere, Lagos. It’s Scheduled to start on 1st of May. Participants would be heavily impacted on with mobile App development Skills.

There would be theory as well as live practicals, group projects for every student and certificates issues to participants of this app creation training course. This mobile app development course training will hold in Surulere, Lagos.

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