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Hope You are doing good?

Hope You are doing good?

Hope you are doing good and are safe wherever you are? The events of the last few days especially that of the killings of young Nigerians protesting an end to SARS and police brutality in Nigeria has really left a lot of us and the entire nation in mourning. Young Nigerians protesting for a better Nigeria, most holding the national flag or singing the national anthem were gunned to death at various points in the country.

It’s even sad that it took the president, the so called father of the Nation almost 48 hours to address the issue as well as the wanton destruction of properties nationwide. I wrote in detail about the entire #endsars protest and more here.

We here hope you and yours truly are all safe? Take a break from the bad news. Watch a movie, catch your breath a little, meditate. Things will be fine once again. We are crushed now but not defeated. The Nigerian People shall always win.

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