About us - Siscomedia Ltd

About us

Siscomedia Limited is a web, Mobile, IOT and digital marketing company with focus on providing qualitative products and services for professionals, business and NGOs to enhance their productivity and profits.

Mission and Vision

To Use Technology and Digital Marketing to provide productivity and profit-making solutions for businesses and individuals thus changing the world for better. is our mission.

We also have a vision of becoming the number one most recommended IT and marketing firm in Nigeria.

Core Values statement

We have five core values that guide our every action as a business. And there are

  1. Integrity – We do what we say as promised. Say the truth always and make people feel special. Also agreement and accountability are always put in place so we have strict measures we adhere to
  2. Creativity – We think outside the box to create new products/services/systems/medias. Everyone here is involved in Research and Development, thus making it easy to create.
  3. Purpose – A definite end, a lofty goal and determination to reach it, no matter what’s in the way. Our brands and customer experience are always consistent every single time, because we find ways (Plan B, Plan C) of doing things we set out to do or promised the customer
  4. Afro-centric – Elevating and promoting African culture and Values to the world.
  5. Customer satisfaction/ Win-win – We help clients achieve their set goals, solve the customer’s problems in an efficient and timely manner that also gives us satisfaction. We are Human, friendly and knowledgeable about the product/service/