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Website design and Development

Our Website design and development service will help you develop sites that are secure, intuitively navigable and money making… [Read More]

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tool. It is easy to manage, gives you full control and allows you to establish direct contact with your customers...[Read more]

Writing and Publishing Services

With our writing service, you can have your book,(whether fiction or non fiction) or comic published easily. [Read More]

Mobile Marketing Service

Mobile marketing is the newest high end media in town now, SMS being one of the most popular way of communicating. With our sms autoresponder, bulk sms and longcode services you can generate more income/productivity… [Read More]

Mobile App & Enterprise Software Development

Our expertise covers the creation of web and Hybrid mobile Applications and enterprise software. We work to client specification and satisfaction... [Read More]

Social Media Management

With social media management services you can target clients, customers and patients of all kinds. You can convert them from liking your page to paying for your services. Reputation ma.. [Read More]


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We are a uniquely innovative Company.We are the Most recommended Digital marketing/IT firm that provides professional, efficient and reliable websites, hosting products, mobile/digital marketing tools and platforms for professionals, businesses and NGOs who choose our offering in order to feel strategic improvements in productivity, profits and fun. Bottomline, we get our clients results believe in helping you grow. Our values include;

  1. Integrity
  2. Creativity
  3. Purpose
  4. Afro-centric
  5. Customer satisfaction/ Win-win


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  • Anonymous

    Simple sms API Integraton
    “The integration of the sms Api was very straight forward and we haven’t had any problem at all”

  • Austine BrcMarketing Manager. Dr Jones Tooth Brush

    Easy Payment & Systems
    I tried the fund transfer and it went this time. So easy. It’s nice Thanks for introducing me to this.

  • Ikenna IgweProfessional Editor/Proof Reader

    Great Customer Care & Guidance

    This is my first time of using bulk sms sevice. Thanks very much for your customer care service and all your advice. I really appreciate it.

  • Felix IziomohAuthor and National Coordinator, International Institute for Global Leadership. (Nigerian chapter)

    Sms has been great tool for passing messages to our leadership group promptly. Smsmarketingportal.com has provided us with such tools and more.

  • Sam Amaechiprofitsbase.com blog

    ReliableHostNG is a reliable company and one of the reasons why I would recommended them to a friend is because the service is great and at per with that of competitors.

  • Charles Ajinwo,MD/CEO Petronics Energy Ltd

    We will always recommend your site to friends due to the satisfaction we do get. Your services are extremely professional. You keep in touch with your clients.
    (Being a Customer since 2012)

  • For 9 straight months I earned zero from my site but with SEO service from Siscomedia LTD and a change in the design of my site, I got #2 on Google and made over $1000 within a month

  • Ikenna Igwe,Ikenna Igwe,- Ikenna Igwe, Professional Editor/Proofreader

    This is my first time of using bulk sms service. Thanks very much for your customer care service and all your advice. I really appreciate it"

  • Patricia NwaosehPatricia NwaosehAgbor Delta State.

    From the business plan that was presented to me by Mr. Francis Okaformbah, I learnt how to put into writing the kind of business I do, and moreso to do so in an orderly manner. I also learnt the meaning of a positioning statement and how it can affect my business
    The value in it is that it is a sure guide to fall back on as I strive to make my market well known in the business world, I will always go back to it to make sure I do not take a wrong move that can cost me so much mishap in the progress I have made so far.