We are a young Web development and Digital marketing solutions company with current office location at Surulere in Lagos, Nigeria. We like to think we are smart. We are incredibly hardworking and are always thinking about the big picture. We are focus mostly on results and like to avoid “noise.” We don’t dress corporate or speak “too much grammar”.


We are Lean, Mean and Fast.


We offer various services that help small to medium businesses and individuals achieve their productivity and profit goals. We have been doing this for over 10 years now, so you can say we know our onions, with a sense of pride and modesty.

Started in 2005 as a hobby by two brothers -Francis and Charles-, with the name Sisco Communications. Formerly transformed into a business two years later as Siscomedia Solutions and operating from a cubicle like shared office space let to us free by an uncle. We were later to be incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as Siscomedia Limited in 2013, we have been doing a lot to empower businesses and professionals.

As a mark of our current passion and professionalism, we currently write for several newspapers and magazines, have appeared on TV and have also being interviewed on TV, Newspaper and magazines. We currently have 6 staff members and outsourcers, 3 child brands/platforms and currently serving 167+ active happy customers. We generate our own electricity using solar power panels and believe so much in recycling. We are green too!


Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to become number one of west Africa’s most recommended 5 Biggest firms for the practical use of web, mobile, Internet of Things applications and digital marketing in boosting productivity, income and entertainment to over 20 million individuals and small businesses by 2096.


We are on a mission to use a variety of online platforms, websites, portals, Software As a Service (SOaS), tools, resources, writing and programming skills to provide productivity and profit making solutions for businesses and individuals.


Work culture

We are a young, hip and afrocentric company with a fun and trendy workplace culture. On a normal day you’ll find us in Jeans and ankara T-shirts eating pizza guzzling bottles of coke and listening to music blaring from our laptop Speakers while we work diligently on clients projects. Other days you can see us in suits and ties making presentations at clients’ offices or simply just shaking hands at some of our events or trainings. We work hard. We work when we work and Play when we play. And when We play we play hard, PS3 Football competition and drone flying are some of the means we use to chillax. Yes! We have our own toy drone too.


Our Core Values
Our core Values are a set of principles that guide our every action as a business or individuals within the business and they are

Integrity ; We do what we say as promised. Say the truth always and maintain agreements and are accountable for all our actions or inactions.

Innovative Creativity : We think outside the box to create new products, services, processes and systems of delivery for clients. We dedicate time and resources to research and Development in other to create more.

Purpose: A definite end, a lofty goals and determination to reach it no matter the circumstances or challenges on the way.

Afrocentric: We work to elevate and promote positive african cultures and values to the world.

Customer Satisfaction: Determined to help customers achieve set goals and solve their problems in an efficient and timely matter that gives them satisfaction and profits to us too.

You can Check out our portfolio of Projects here.

See pictures and info of the people you’ll be running into (or discussing with) at our office;

FRANCIS “The Boss” Okaformbah,Francis is a successful author, of several books including, How to Sell on the Internet, and self-made digital marketing expert. He is the current CEO and head of the marketing Department and founder of Siscomedia Ltd. He organises and gives regular trainings on digital marketing at Seminars and workshops regularly and has so far trained several successful entrepreneurs in his over a decade sojourn as an internet/digital marketing expert. He writes for National dailies and Magazines and has appeared n several TV interviews. His will be primarily be focusing on clients projects and how they can get results and scale those results as well as leading the company to ensure all processes and our Vision, mission and core values are on the straight path.

CHARLES “Freeman” Okaformbah is always in beastmode. He is a co-founder and current Lead Technology Officer/programmer of Siscomedia Ltd firm. A graduate of Mass communication from the Prestigious University of Nsukka, Enugu. Charles  is a member of several Technical and networking groups. His primary Focus in the company is seeing that all clients web, mobile and IoT projects are developed to the Siscomedia/world class standard and the User experience is simple, intuitive and fun

UGOCHUKWU “Skamz” Azonobi, is a junior Marketer/Sales Representative. Ugochukwu is a devout christian, who believes in humanity & always tries to be the best version of him always. Ugochukwu has vast experience in Digital Marketing, Writing and Salesmanship. Has great communication skills and rapport with clients and prospects, which he is focused on fine-tuning daily. Ugochukwu is a trained Physiologist from Madonna University, Elele Campus, Rivers State. He is cool, calm & articulate and a lover of books, video games and movies.

DAVID “The Champ” Fadairo, is a Junior Web Developer/programmer. He is the current video Game/PS3 Football Champion of our annual GameNight. A graduate of the prestigious University of Lagos, Akoka. David is dedicated programmer and always determined to. Takes note of minute deals and has a knack for design/development ideas no one in the team every thinks of or overlooks. David is currently serving his fatherland in the NYSC programme and would be working remotely from his Primary Place of Assignment

Gbenga “Fonex” Afenuvor, is the Junior Support/programming staff, a hardworking and dedicated individual. His quiet deamanour could be sometimes mistaken as shy. Currently a part-time computer science student, he has great love for technology and likes listening to music via his earphones as he works, favorite artiste is James Blunt. He will be assisting clients with their technical support requests and programming tasks, particularly for Web development, App and our ReliablehostNG brand customers.

MARYANN “Seke” Okpara, is  a Customer Support representative of our company. She particularly attends to the calls, requests and enquiries of customers of our smsmarketingportal platform. She is works hard quietly. And one may tend to think she is shy due to her quiet nature. She is also currently studying for her Bsc Degree at NOUN.

UDENNA “Barista” Chukwulobe is the company’s representative in legal matters. Udenna is a quite articulate individual. A christian and graduate of …. and the prestigious Law school, where he qualified in colours from his bar exams. udenna loves Egusi and akpu, his favourite day and night.


Won’t you like to do Business with us


If you choose to do business with Siscomedia Ltd or any of our child brands or platforms, and I’ld be honoured if you do, I want you to be assured that our goal is to provide you with more value, fantastic results and the best possible customer service, no matter what you order from us. We are proud to have our own 100% Solar powered work office stations and Reliable servers (Hosting, SMS, etc), tested internet connections (with back up) and inhouse expert Web development and digital marketing crew, who will take care of your project from the start until launch. And will not leave until you satisfied with our service.

We will upgrade, re-do or recommend further solutions for your web or digital marketing projects even after launch via email, calls, newsletters, etc, to your ROI delight, all through the duration of your customer service period.
Our services and products even comes with several failproof guarantees. See below.


    ….our guarantee here …


Won’t you rather do Business with us? Download our free guides and audits, call us now, send an email or just use our request a quote form to see how much your project will cost.


To your productivity and better profits,