Double/Triple Your Productivity And Accomplish More

With software you can automate repetitive tasks, rather than doing it yourself over and over again or delegating it.

To be effective in the 21st century and accomplish more you need Enterprise Resource Planning Tools and softwares.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.

Use Software To Satisfy the needs of Your Organization or individual Needs

We can custom develop software tools for you or your business to automate many of your task, back office functions and interactions with your clients and customers. Be it a Mobile Enterprise Software, Desktop client or Web or cloud based resource.

See case studies and samples of Some clients we have worked with

+ Lonadek

+ Sobo’s Freemarket naija

+ Kelechi’s Sarabel

+ Nairabet’s Quiz

Our Custom developed ERPs will help you be more productive and achieve more. For instance, if you run a Hospital, you might want to develop an Enterprise mobile solution that assists in BLOOD DONATION – You can store and electronic database of registered and already screened blood donors and even contact them with a quick SMS message once there is a requirement for the donor’s specific blood type or send SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS – via the same software application to inform Patients, Patients’ family or Staff members of possible emergency or other interruptions. Or a Hotel Manager might get us to develop a custom HOTEL Mobile communications Software that helps Hotels to use their Mobile Apps or SMS to communicate special offers to
current and prospective customers.

See Samples of some SOFTWARES AND SCRIPTS*, we have developed so far;

+ DATACURA (Church Management software)

DATACURA, Church manager is a congregational church management software that allows pastors and other minister of God to manage their flock effectively. Church manager has a database, accounts and communication features built within. Also comes with a self installing desktop app and an online back up feature for easy
management and to help safeguard data.

+ Order-O-matic v2.0

This is a digital product delivery and customer management script for info-marketers and digital product sales representatives.

+ School e-manager

We can work with any small, medium or large scale organisation or business to customize solutions that will solve or address their unique problems.

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* This can be re-customized to suite your needs too.