We offer a variety of trainings, workshops, seminars, conferences, meet ups and a whole lot more. You can attend one-on-one training , where you’ll have dedicated lecturers teaching you the basics of the subject matter in questions or attend our group events (Workshops, meet up, etc) and learn from lecturers and fellow students too while networking and exchanging ideas with others. The choice is yours.


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Upcoming Event:

Internet Summit 2017 

Come learn what it takes to be an Internet entrepreneur and what it takes to sell your skills, knowledge, ideas, services and products online. Event is holding on Monday, Oct 2nd, 2017 (Public Holiday), in Lagos. Attendance is free. Check out the event page here for more details.







Past Events: 

#GeekTechpreneurMeetUp 1.0 (Feb)

#GeekTechpreneurMeetUp 2.0 (June)