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Digital marketing is the systematic promotion of goods, commodities, services and even needs online. Digital marketing is done with a target audience in mind and has the capability to reach a very considerable extent. The most important aim of digital marketing and its primary function is ‘AWARENESS-CREATION’.Which then dilutes down into other secondary aims

Numerous studies have shown that current internet users only use about under 30% of the Internet's capabilities and functionality. Most users and visitors are unfortunately oblivious of the fact that they are "in the promised land" but still don't know where it is. Wise online entrepreneurs...

Vacancy 001: Junior Level Developer Job Level:Experienced (Non-Manager) Location:Lagos Job Type:Full-Time Minimum Qualification:OND Preferred Years of Experience: 2- 3 Application Deadline:2017-10-04   Description Our fast rising, fun young IT firm seeks qualified candidates to fill the role of a Junior Web Developer/ Programmer. We are seeking a creative and experienced individual who is ready to push his/ herself...

When you have being in business for a while you'll realize that sales is the lifeblood of your venture and if you can't jack up sales to get continuous cash flows you'll run into problems regularly. Using Human Psychology, You can actually increase your sales within the next few hours. There are certain psychological triggers we all respond to as humans and I have researched a few of these and why they work. With these triggers in your marketing arsenal, customers will practically surrender their will power

Every Month we send our clients special mail packages. For the past four months, all old and new customers get this monthly. What could be inside? Well! You wouldn't know until you become a customer. [caption id="attachment_16771" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] What could be inside these packages we...