A – Z Practical Mobile App Training Workshop In Lagos

A – Z Practical Mobile App Training Workshop In Lagos

In this Digital Age, 80% of Internet Users go online through their mobile phones compared to the 20% for Laptop and Desktop users, according to conversionxl.com. Several Applications can be found on the mobile devices of an average youth/adult. Most enjoy their phones basically with the use of mobile apps.

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More than 50% of the worlds programmers these days are into mobile app development according to wikipedia.com. Mainly because the pay is good and it does not require an office to start-up. You just need the basic knowledge, clients, marketing and sales skill to survive. There are also exciting opportunities and clients to work with not forgetting the big and fulfilling challenges therein.

It is in this respect that Siscomedia Limited plans to equip individuals with the basic/intermediate/expert knowledge in mobile Application Development/Programing. Siscomedia Limited is a valued provider of web and mobile solutions ranging from website designs and developments, custom software engineering, development of mobile app,digital marketing solutions and much more.


Siscomedia Limited is currently organizing a 5-weeks Mobile App Training Workshop in Lagos, scheduled for all the Saturdays in August and two in September this year. This mobile App Training workshop will be intense, practical and help groom participants from the scratch to becoming adept at developing their own mobile apps.


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