It takes more than one shot to get to the top

It takes more than one shot to get to the top

It takes more than one dedicated and hardworking employee to take a company high and achieve its lofty goals. You need a Team. Teamwork Slays! People leave and people stay in an employ but the company vision and values stay.

Well! Upon the task of taking siscomedia Higher we have had to let go and hire several staffs.  We actually believe we’ll be among the top 5 ICT firms in West Africa within the next 25years, come 2043. lofty aim, right?

While several staffs like David Folarin – our game night 2016 defending Champ-, Ugo Sebastian and Maryann Okpara are no longer with us, we have hired a few. The newest of them being Godwin Okaformbah and Chigozie Okeke. These two brilliant minds will man our in-house marketing department, while at the same time helping our numerous clients with marketing strategies and tasks that they need.Chigozie will also serve as the affiliate manager for Our growing army of affiliates at Our Nigerian Webhosting brand,

We also have a number of interns currently working in our Technical Dept., One of them being ASP.NET programmer and computer science undergraduate, Afolabi Animashaun. See our Facebook and Twitter pages to learn more about them. Also watch short videos and pictures of what we do at work daily there.

Let’s Hope they contribute greatly to our company goals. We are still hiring though. See our vacancy page for detailed vacancies available.

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