Why It’s Quite Important To Analyze Traffic On A Website.

Why It’s Quite Important To Analyze Traffic On A Website.

So designing a website, selecting content and hosting a website is not enough? We have to analyze traffic to it too? Yes we do in all honesty. You may have stumbled across the term “website analytics” or “site statistics” and wonder what exactly these terms refer to, and why they would useful to you and your business. Before we delve into what makes analytics important, let’s define what they actually are.

Website analytics (traffic statistics) are generally referred to as the measurement, analysis and reporting of organic traffic on a particular website in order to understand and optimize website. To put this simply, it is data on:

  1. Who visits the website?
  2. How they got there.
  3. What they did once they landed there.
  4. Where they went afterward.

Now that we have understood what website traffic analytics is all about. Let’s delve into why it’s so important to website owners and even designers. Analytics are extremely important for a number of different reasons. The main reason being, once you understand your visitors’ behavior you can optimize your website to improve results. To put it simply, analytics provide information to help you make educated changes to your site based on actual data, as opposed to hypothesized ideas based on opinions.

Furthermore, Analytics are also extremely important in helping you to understand which promotion techniques work well for your website. If you have invested recently in a new form of advertising such as paid search, Pay per click (PPC) etc. you will easily be able to see how many visitors it has driven to your website, and whether those users are your ideal audience and are likely to achieve your website goal.

“Where are most of your website customers coming from? Nairaland? Or LindaIkejiBlog?”

Another interesting point is that website traffic analytics can be extremely useful in helping you find things that are broken on your website. If for example if you notice a 100% drop off in a customer path, you can check to see if a page is down. Likewise, if you consistently get a certain amount of visitors via a certain source and that stops, there could be an issue with the link that refers traffic to you – but that’s another blog post entirely.

In conclusion, Website analytics provide you with extremely helpful data, which if interpreted correctly and acted upon, could mean great improvements to the performance of your website thereby increasing your revenue, online presence, niche relevance and ultimately return on funds invested into the website.

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