Merry Christmas From Siscomedia Limited.

Merry Christmas From Siscomedia Limited.

Hey Folks!

Let’s be disruptive today, let’s not bore ourselves with an article on why you should have your very own website, acquire a reliable and dedicated hosting, market your site properly or even talk about Bulk SMS messaging. We will do those and a lot more in 2018. So watch out!

Friends let’s talk about Christmas…yea Christmas!

Christmas means many things to many different people, to some it all about wild celebrations and crazy time with friends and loved ones, to some it’s a time to let loose and end the year like a house on fire but to others like we here at Siscomedia Limited the Christmas period is all about appreciating all those who have made the last 350+ days a awesome ride. This ride has been fraught with ups and downs, wins and losses, smiles and frowns and so much more but above all the ride has taught Siscomedia Limited lessons for a lifetime, lessons which will make us a bigger, better, more robust and client friendlier outfit than we already are (if that is possible because no one treats you better than we do).

In this period of celebration and stock taking as associated with the Christmas period, we would like to make a huge call of gratitude and thanks to every Siscomedia Client, customer, affiliate, partners, well wishers etc. Everyone who has been associated with the Siscomedia Brand over 2017. Gracias! Truth is, this Christmas we would have loved to get together with each and every one of you our esteemed clients and partners and even the average Joe along Masha Road but for logistics sake we unfortunately can’t but something is in the cooler for 2018 (let me not say much).

So from Mr Francis our amiable C.E.O, Mr Charles the C.T.O to John and Chike the “tech egg heads” and not forgetting Maryann the first lady and myself the??? What am I again?  We want to wish you and yours a merry and fulfilling Christmas and a super 2018 in advance!

Siscomedia Limited is balling into 2018 better, stronger, more focused and L.M.F (company secret). Our resolution for 2018? Best service delivery and value our teeming customers.

Merry Christmas and a good 2018 to come!

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