How To Market you Start Up Using Bulk SMS Messaging Service

How To Market you Start Up Using Bulk SMS Messaging Service

It’s a universal truth that “visibility is everything in business”. Clients can’t patronize what they can’t see or what they are not aware of exists. Start ups require this visibility much more than oxygen because without the help of paying clients during that nascent stage, the likelihood of business survival is next to zero. This visibility comes solely through marketing in various forms and context but we are going to be highlighting carrying out that much needed marketing using BULK SMS MESSAGING.

Companies most especially Start upsshouldn’t be afraid of using bulk SMS to aid their marketing campaign.  After

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all, research shows that text messages are read more quickly and frequently than emails and social media posts. According to Frost & Sullivan, 98 per cent of all SMS messages are looked at and are read within an average of five seconds. So it’s highly likely your messages will be successfully reaching your audience.


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As a startup business in whatever field of expertise, It is absolutely important to get your SMS marketing campaign right. Here are some tips that will help you use bulk SMS marketing effectively…


What is contained in the SMS messages you send out is very important. Content very much depends on what type of start up company you are and what you’re trying to achieve, but there are still something that every company needs to consider. You have to understand you only have a short space in which to put your message; 160 characters to be precise, or 612 at most,  so your content needs to be clear and to the point. A message that is too short doesn’t provide enough information and a message that is too long will lose the customer’s interest. Essentially, what you want to gain from a text message is a response, so give them something to respond to.

Offers are a particularly good way at attracting a reader’s attention. Research from Upstream shows that 68 per cent of consumers would like to receive promotions via SMS every week. A great way to make the most of this is to send out a message clearly explaining what the offer is, perhaps with a discount code included to make the offer seem exclusive to that customer. There should also be a deadline too, stating when the offer will end. This gives the message some urgency, so receivers will be more likely to react immediately. If they don’t feel like they need to react straight away, they’ll forget about the message.


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Notifications! Did I also mention sms Notifications? This is one great way of integrating bulk sms messaging into any start up. Give your customers notifications about their usage of your service or their account statuses and actions performed at your start-up. It’s super effective to retain loyalty.


What time you send out your bulk SMS will vary depending on your business. For example a restaurant or café may wish to drive customers to their business during lunchtime, so they’ll choose to send their messages just before midday, when people are beginning to discuss their plans. A bar may choose to text people at the end of the working day, to encourage customers to go out for drinks after work.

There are, however, certain times you should avoid altogether. Mondays can be a bad day to send out bulk SMS messages because people are often most busy after their weekend. You don’t want your bulk SMS to be sent out during ridiculous times of the day either, because if you text someone at 3am, they’re probably going to unsubscribe from your service. Instead, try to pick times of the day when people will be most receptive, such as at lunchtime or in the early evening.


Think about who you’re targeting with your messages, as it’s likely that each offer or message will need to be tailored to individual customer groups. Age, gender, location and past purchases should all be taken into account when you send out your messages. For example you wouldn’t offer free lipstick to men, because it’s likely the response rate would be next to zero and some of your customers may choose to unsubscribe from your list (if you have an opt-in list of course).

Paying attention to a customer’s purchase history is a great way to target individuals effectively. For example if they purchase one particular product a lot, they’ll be pleased to receive a SMS telling them it’s half price this week, so would be more likely to respond.

You might also want to think about how a customer’s age can have a big influence in what you send. Young people may be more inclined to follow a URL or text your company back, whereas older customers might feel more comfortable calling you instead. A small change can make a big difference.


Most customers probably won’t want a daily text message from your start up company, nor will you want to send out that many messages every month. If you send messages too regularly, customers might get annoyed and choose to unsubscribe from your service. However, if you leave it too long between messages, the customer may lose interest and will have forgotten why they subscribed in the first place.

There’s no set amount of messages you should be sending per week or month, as your audience and the purpose of your messages will mean the frequency will differ.

The most important thing is to understand that of all the marketing techniques and applications, Bulk SMS Messaging campaigns has the highest opening and conversion rate. As a budding start up, there is every tendency for prudency in marketing budgets and spending; Bulk SMS Messaging offers you a very cheap, flexible, client-friendly marketing option that is just too good to refuse or ignore.

Own a start up or thinking of kicking one off? Use Bulk SMS Messaging as your marketing tool and reap the dividends today.


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