3 Advantages of digital marketing for your Nigerian Business

3 Advantages of digital marketing for your Nigerian Business

Digital marketing is the systematic promotion of goods, commodities, services and even needs online. Digital marketing is done with a target audience in mind and has the capability to reach a very considerable extent. The most important aim of digital marketing and its primary function is ‘AWARENESS-CREATION’.Which then dilutes down into other secondary aims such as increased sales, business growth brand, popularity etc.


Digital marketing identifies a problem of the business and aggressively solves it. Digital marketing is done in various forms and strategies such as

i]  Social media; e.g promoting on social networking platforms like Facebook

ii] Emails; Sending emails to specifically targeted individuals or bodies e.g mass mails, mail blast, auto responders etc.

iii] Mobile marketing; e.g bulk sms, sms auto responder, etc.

Digital marketing has numerous advantages for your nigerian business. Here are 3 important advantages, as follows;

  • Digital marketing creates ‘Awareness’ of your particular commodity or service to a very wide range of prospective clients and business partners bringing it to their attention. Doing this can cause an increase in  patronage exponentially leading to the growth and expansion of your business model.
  • Digital marketing help you portray your business/brand in the prospective lights you want it to be seen. Digital marketing is very flexible in the sense that you control the lens through which your product will be viewed thereby meeting your expectations and goals and also setting it miles apart from its ‘NON-DIGITAL MARKETED COMPETITORS’.
  • Digital marketing has the ‘farthest/widest reach of any form of marketing. This is because the world we live in has gone virtually [90%] digital and the presence online [digital world] is astronomical. So digitally marketed products are not registered by borders, politics, physical restrictions, or even government laws. The potential marketing is endless.


Try Digital marketing for your business today. There are lots and lots of digital marketing strategies you can choose from. All based on your pocket and what your business objectives are.

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