5 Psychological triggers you can use in your emails and website to increase sales today

5 Psychological triggers you can use in your emails and website to increase sales today

When you have being in business for a while you’ll realize that sales is the lifeblood of your venture and if you can’t jack up sales to get continuous cash flows you’ll run into problems regularly. Using Human Psychology, You can actually increase your sales within the next few hours.

There are certain psychological triggers we all respond to as humans and I have researched a few of these and why they work. With these triggers in your marketing arsenal, customers will practically surrender their will power to you. Implement the following in your emails, website copies and description of your products or offers and you’ll see magic happen in your business.

1. Community: if we perceive ourselves as being part of a community, we act the way the community acts. “When in Rome you act like the Romans,” remember that quote? If you can convince your customers or clients that they are part of a certain community and everyone in that community has taken a certain action except them, they would be eager to take the same action, e.g; purchase your product, to remain relevant members of the community.

2. Anticipation: if you have an event, promotions, offers, birthday, book or service launch coming up. Get your fans and customers riled up by inundating their ears, eyes and mailbox with tantalizing information regarding the project. I repeat tantalizing information. Not bland non-descript info. Be descriptive and vivid about the benefits, advantages and features that this new event, promotion, offer, etc will bring in their life. If you do a fine job out of this, you can get your clients ready and in an excited buying state for your event, etc.

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3. Authority: Authority status can also help you earn your customer’s trust and thus their cash. Why do you think Mike Adenuga of Globacom commands more respect and income in the business sphere than Tosin philips*, because of Authority. Mike has more of it, despite the fact that both men are in the same business. What of Omotola Ekeinde, would you rather buy a book on becoming a star actress, from her or you would rather go to Ikeja under bridge and buy one of those blue manuals there?

Get authority Status. Put up a blog on your website, Write an ebook or book, start a podcast. And drive your customers to these virtual real estates. With time they’ll come to respect your authority and hang on every recommendation or product you offer.

4. Reciprocating: If you give something to someone, they feel obligated to give something back. Yes! Its a law. Its called the Law of reciprocity. If I give you a cup of water today as a favour and I give you tomorrow and the next. You’ll be indebted to me. There’s always an in-balance and you’ll want to as much as possible do something to repay me back my kindness to level up things. Keep giving your customers and clients, great stuffs, bonuses and free materials. They’ll reciprocate in kind when you ask them to take action on any of your good offers. As much as possible make a reference to the giving.

5. Social Proof: If we see a lot of people doing something, we feel there must be something there to gain there and we end up going there. This effect is even much greater online with the arrival of social media. Tell me, if the first info you got when you came to this page was that, 200 people have just read and shared this post. Your curiosity is piqued and if you weren’t showing interest before you would show now. If you showed interest, you’ll be struck with more interest, in both cases, you’ll hear yourself saying,”There must be something about this article that is making lots of people to read and share it.”

It happens to all of us. Its psychological. So Use it. Put social proof on your websites, emails and sales materials. If you have lots of people that have bought a product, ask them to like the product page on facebook or tweet it on twitter, snap a picture and tag it on instagram. Show what others are doing in reference to your offers, products and services. Social proof is viral and it works.!

Use these 5 psychological triggers in your sales materials today and see your business grow. To your Success. Please share and drop your comments below.

* Not real name.

  • adaora
    Posted at 14:09h, 05 September Reply

    nice article

  • Aristokrat
    Posted at 14:22h, 05 September Reply

    The 5 triggers mentioned above are very informative and i would like to try them and see how i can maximize them in improving my online business.

  • Jay
    Posted at 16:12h, 05 September Reply

    Thanks for this post, really helped me to increase my sells

    • Francis Siscomedia
      Posted at 17:06h, 05 September Reply

      It surely does. They are guaranteed, in what ways did it help your sales to grow?

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