Generate an endless stream of leads and customers for your business.

Generate an endless stream of leads and customers for your business.

Use our Mobile Lead generation and marketing service, also known as Sms autoresponder. our sms autoresponder will help you gather prospective customers that are interested in your service and follow them up repeatedly and automatically until they buy,

Here’s how it works

1. Register on our site and create a keyword campaign for your sms autoresponder

2. Write 4 or 5 follow up sms messages and upload it to the system.

3. Place your campaign keyword and one or two personal details you want to collect, eg; name, from customers on a promotional materials or website.

4. Your customers text in with their phones and the system automatically sends them follow up messages and information about your products and services until they buy.

The system is easy to use;

Here’s How to create a campaign 

Step 1: Click on Sms Autoresponder menu, once you click on it, it shows you 3 drop down sub menus. Choose Create SMS autoresponder.

Step 2:  You’ll see 2 basic steps on the next page that appears. In the next page that opens. Create your keyword (once chosen keywords can never be changed, you can change every other aspects of your campaign).

Write a little description for your keyword or campaign, choose the service, in this case sms autoresponder, then shared or dedicated longcode and the number of months you want. Make sure you have enough money in your account both for the subscription service* and for paying for sms units for your reply messages. In the budget field, you fill the number of sms* you want to use for the campaign. And click on the green Create Button

Step 3: Once you have successfully created your keyword, The next page of your autoresponder set up will appear.


It’s easy to create these campaigns and use it to generate customers to your business.  System works flawlessly and you can pause, re-create or check your campaigns or number of leads -people texting in- you have generated daily, from your account.

Try it now, Text Test to 09092244333* and See what happens.

You get to try out our Mobile Lead generation and marketing service (sms autoresponder) for 30 days free, if you register today. Hurry, register now or call 2348177414166 now.

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