5 types of Emails you should be sending your clients to Achieve more business success

5 types of Emails you should be sending your clients to Achieve more business success

Would you like to start building your very own effective and well-targeted email marketing campaign with the aim of growing your business & increase your client base and loyalty but aren’t sure where to begin?  Then you are in luck, here are some tried and tested emails used in modern email marketing strategies that we recommend you send (Use).


  1. Welcome Mail

Everyone likes a warm welcome – Lets face the fact we all want to be part of something larger than us and a welcome mail is the best first impression. Also, its confirmation that a user has successfully signed up for your service, in addition, it can provide a recipient with instant gratification. It doesn’t have to be complicated though, keep it simple, fresh, energizing and easy to read. If possible, be sure to personalize your message, by referring to the client by his/hers first Name, asking about personal matters such as family and personal goals and targets.

And don’t forget to tell your subscriber about the next step. Think about something like ‘Getting started with…’ or ‘See how you can use … to growth your business’. It’s simple, but it works. Here at Siscomedia Limited, when a potential client shows interest in any of our products/services, we systematically obtain the email and other contact details of the client and “Initiate” the client with a prompt welcome mail stating our gratitude, what the client stands to gain and what differentiates us in the industry. For instance, on our [webhosting service] ReliableHostNG’s new clients receive pre-automated welcome messages and packages delivered to their mails instantly.


2. Newsletter

As is well known in marketing, it’s important to regularly keep in touch with clients after the sale. If you have ever signed up for services online, you’re probably familiar with the weekly or monthly email newsletters which the editing team of that company in conjunction with the marketing team compiles and publishes for your consumption and feedback – this is a tried and true way to keep contacts engaged with your brand, products and services.

It’s also a way to ensure that your contacts are getting a lot of value for being part of your brand family. Start now and make sure you choose a frequency that you can maintain. Consider important dates, events, and information that is relevant to your subject matter then create newsletters based on those relevant themes. At Siscomedia we publish the “world Famous” The Business Advisor newsletter, this is our very own customized newsletter which we publish monthly and send to our esteemed clients. It contains master pieces on the latest norms and sure success steps for the growth of our clients’ business in Nigeria, tips for employees, our landmark achievements and customer testimonials, coupled with social and health updates for the leisure appreciation of our readers. We even offer physical copies too, here is a link to our latest edition.


3. Training Email

Informative training emails are one of the easiest ways to gain your subscriber’s respect and provide them with real value for being part of the brand family. Providing solutions to problems is what people are looking for and why people buy services or products. Inform your contacts; teach them about how best to use your tools. Use photos, videos, and links to supporting content to round out your offering.


4. Announcement

The fourth kind of email used in effective marketing campaigns for business success is the ANNOUNCEMENT email. Announcements about new products, offers, promos and service updates or about important changes at your company (Management, personnel or otherwise) are great ways to ensure your clients and contacts stay informed. Most people don’t seek out updates or new information in general, it’s better if it just shows up in their inbox!

Announcement emails provide a great opportunity to show that you want to solve problems for your customers and help them make their businesses bigger and better using solutions you provide all with the aim of adding value. Announcements can drive real traffic, consider the links you add, calls to action and general format before sending to help you get great results.

We use Announcement mails a lot, when there are new developments in our products, services and work tools, the marketing team led by the Head Marketer sits down and compiles a thorough announcement mail which highlights newest developments and changes to products and services, the mail is equipped with relevant and targeted links and keywords to further drive our intended desires.


5. Win-back email

The win-back email is one you might choose to send to a lost customer or to a subscriber who has never bought your product or service but for some reason, they visited your website at some point or they subscribe to your newsletters. You want to help these contacts become an active customer. One way to do this is to target them with a special offer – Take time creating your email because every single word will be very important. You want to find the tipping point that will help this subscriber take the next step in their customer journey.


As much as you can consider automating these email campaigns so you can maintain a consistent pattern of communication. Once you’ve got these campaigns in place you’ll no doubt start to see the positive results of your efforts reflect in the general outlook of your business.


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